The World of Whorecraft consists of two continents in Azeroth which are named Kalimdor and the Eastern Sexdoms. The impressive landscapes range from Uldom with Khartut's Tombs, The Vortex Pinnacle and Halls of Origination. The architectural masterpieces of The Twilight Highlands, the Throne of the Four Winds plus the Twilight Highlands are absolutely magnificent as well. The absolutely mesmerizing views of The Kazz works, Firebeards Patrol, Obsidien Forest, Vermillion Redoubt, and The Bastion of Twilight are all stunningly breathtaking. And lastly the frightful sight of The Maw of Madness will have ice run through your veins.


Dranal is a land filled with metal, magma, steam and stone which use to be the homeworld of the orcish race and last remaining sanctuary of the draenei before they appeared in Azeroth. Thousands of years ago it used to be a peace loving world with far-reaching, colorful plains and lush, fruitful swamps. But when an infamous Orc audaciously opened dimensional portals, the acreage was ruptured and thought to have been lost for all eternity. Fortunately a massive remnant of the world stayed unscathed which till this day is known as Outland.

is a porn parody massive multiplayer online game and is in no way related or affiliated with Blizzard Entertainment.