Orc Player

After a long and bloody combat between the gigantic Orcs and the Humans, the Orcs now rule the natural world and has turned humans into their private and personalized sex slaves. The males are only used for their sperm which they are forced to create female offspring's with. The females are turned into obedient and submissive sex slaves for the horny Orcs to sexually abuse 24/7. They take immense self-glorification in wrecking and trashing every tight and juicy, body cavity of the females with their savagely huge, rock hard cocks.


Human Player

As a human, male rebel in the World of Whorecraft your ultimate undertaking is to save the human race from the sex crazed Orc Overlords. As your adventure unfolds it's of the utmost importance to reproduce with as many females possible to save your own race. In-between fucking your scull out you also have to massacre the Orcs to keep them from screwing your fellow women. And as you keep liberating the frenzied sex slaves from the Orcs they will repay you with every sex act ever created by mankind or Orcs.


Draenei Player

These defectors that named themselves the draenei refused to become members of the Sargeras Burning Legion which was an expanding battalion of unappeasable horrors. Velan had seen a vision of his people turning into demon, female warriors and the orks inhabitants that use to be friendly and coexisting to the planet Draenor have now turned into sexually assaulting monsters. Most of the drainei race had to find underground refuge, but the orc warlocks would seek them out and demand the most cruel and invasive sex acts ever known to mankind! Not only would the orks reproductively rule the draenie females but also the human feminine spices.


Dwarf Player

The brave and fearless dwarves are an age-old race, an offspring from rocks which is an existence of an active stone conceived by the titans when the earth was in its infancy. But due to a very bizarre disorder the dwarves� met with a renewal which turned their flinty camouflage into a silky coating. Now, being living critters of plasma and muscle they decided to take full advantage of their new found reality. For many years to come these horny, three dwarf tribes ransacked the cosmos for shapely sluts from Drainei spiritual exiles to fuck for an eternity and beyond.


Gnome Player

The energetic and inquisitive gnomes are a rather particular enigma among the educated cultures of Azeroth. Even though the tiny gnomes where close to race extermination, their undying idealism stood forever strong and unaffected. When the gnomes where approached by the dwarves they were readily willing to share their knowledge of tool making, building and engineering. But no one could ever have foreseen what the dwarves where up to. The dwarves had been observing the cute, redhead gnomes from a far, and how they could conceivably be sexually exploited. After a violent confrontation, hundreds of unsuspecting gnomes where captured and put into sex slave camps where the well-hung dwarves would bang their juicy slits and tight butt holes from morning till night.

Night Elf

Night Elf Player

The Night Elves of today never thought they would disgrace their nigh elf forefather's honorable deed when they fought the War of the Ancients which occurred over 10.000 years ago. Centuries later the night elves evolution had unfortunately altered forever. Instead of breeding a harmonious civilization, they rejected the arcane wizardry which the Legion of Azeroths had always been extremely fascinated by. Now these muscular, well hung night elves where engaging in modern day warfare by offering the gorgeous, warrior blood elves the most irresistible, sexual confrontations they could ever imagine! They showed up in droves and their undead, male counterparts followed in sheer envious!


Pandaren Player

The amicable, migrant pandaren where once used as workhorses under the mogu race which are gruesome, age-old warlords. After thousands of years in captivity the pandaren successfully executed a rebellion which dethroned the mogu and finally the pandaren commonwealth could be settled. Unfortunately the pandaren had chosen an Emperor who is a sex crazed maniac that demanded a coliseum full of sex slaves to be built in his honor. He and his loyal followers spend time sexually assaulting human females, cute gnomes and busty, draenei warriors. Their most cherished of sex fetishes is hardcore bondage and BDSM porn play. The dungeons are filled with horrific looking, sex contraptions where stinging whippings will be implemented daily to make sure the sex slaves stays obedient and submissive.


Tauren Player

The hairy tauren race is robust and bloodless warriors who have resided in Kalidor for hundreds of years. They use to live like nomads hunting for wild animals such as the kodo beasts to fill their stomachs with its tasty, tender meat. The mighty tuaren, tribel chief Carnie Bloodhoof and his people are always attempting to keep the fragile balance between their goddess Mother Earth and nature itself. But there is something else hugely dick blessed, bigwig Bloodhoof is after. This progressivly horny beast has been lusting in secret for petite gnome pussy and undead bum cracks in hopes they are consumed with desires for his thick, super-sized shaft to blow and bang for hours, upon hours on end.


Worgen Player

An atrocious curse completely changed hundreds of the segregated, stalwart villagers whom have always been well-known for their kindness towards each other and visitors. Overnight they were transformed into horrifying, horny out of their sculls, wolf like creatures and when dropping to all fours could easily outrun a Cheetah. These dick blessed, wolfish beasts also has the ability to switch in and out of human form when not engaging in combat which they naturally took full advantage of. When in human form they would lure innocent girls and sexy undead deep into the woods. Then turn into wolfs that would wreck every juicy, tight hole until shooting huge loads of cum all over their naked bodies.

is a porn parody massive multiplayer online game and is in no way related or affiliated with Blizzard Entertainment.