Orc Player

After a long and bloody combat between the gigantic Orcs and the Humans, the Orcs now rule the natural world and has turned humans into their private and personalized sex slaves. The males are only used for their sperm which they are forced to create female offspring's with. The females are turned into obedient and submissive sex slaves for the horny Orcs to sexually abuse 24/7. They take immense self-glorification in wrecking and trashing every tight and juicy, body cavity of the females with their savagely huge, rock hard cocks.


Human Player

As a human, male rebel in the World of Whorecraft your ultimate undertaking is to save the human race from the sex crazed Orc Overlords. As your adventure unfolds it's of the utmost importance to reproduce with as many females possible to save your own race. In-between fucking your scull out you also have to massacre the Orcs to keep them from screwing your fellow women. And as you keep liberating the frenzied sex slaves from the Orcs they will repay you with every sex act ever created by mankind or Orcs.

is a porn parody massive multiplayer online game and is in no way related or affiliated with Blizzard Entertainment.